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Ethanol extraction

Ethanol extraction is another solvent-based method used for cannabis extraction. Cannabis is placed in a mesh container of 45 micrometers or less. The mesh container is “washed” by immersing it in ethanol (99.99% pure). Although doing this over a longer period of time increases the yield of cannabinoids and terpenes, the time frame is typically limited to avoid by-products (e.g. chlorophyll) to be extracted. It is generally believed that chlorophyll makes the final product look less attractive. After removing the mesh container with the raw material, the ethanol solution is filtered to remove particulate matter. The ethanol solution is then transferred to a tray and evaporated in a low-temperature oven (< 40°C/104°F) to leave behind the residual cannabis oil.1 Watch a brief summary video on Cannabis concentrates and extracts made in collaboration with Enlighten on YouTube or on the screens page. References:
  1. Romano, Luigi L.; Hazekamp, Arno (2013). Cannabis oil: Chemical evaluation of an upcoming cannabis- based medicine. Cannabinoids, 1(1), 1--11.