Why the Cannify Quiz?
The Basic Cannify Quiz has 11-15 answer-dependent questions that will help you learn more about cannabis from scientific literature relevant to you. After answering all questions, you will get a personalized cannabinoid report with scientific information about products that helped people like you.

Why so many questions?
In order to create your report, the Cannify Quiz uses a complex algorithm report based on results from hundreds of scientific studies. To get to know you better, we need to ask you various questions to produce your report as accurately as possible - the more honest your answers, the more relevant your results will be to you. If you want to know why we ask a certain question, click the white tool tip at the top right of each question for an explanation.

What does registration do for me?
If you make a Cannify Account, your results will be saved in your account and will stay accessible to you, allowing you to track your results over time. As a bonus, you will get access to various Cannify Quizzes, including the Comprehensive version of the Cannify Quiz, and quizzes to test your cannabis knowledge.
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