The Cannify mission

Our mission is to understand the science of cannabis effects and share this knowledge with everyone.


Our history

Cannify was founded in 2016 by a neuropsychopharmacology scientist, Dr. Linda Klumpers. A few months later, with a small international team of scientists, we began developing an online educational information tool – the Cannify Quiz. It translates complex cannabis science to simple reports, customized for personal symptoms and characteristics.

Around the world, many people and organizations constantly express opinions about the risks and benefits of cannabis and cannabis related products. As objective scientists, we attempt to translate for you the available cannabis related complex scientific data to unbiased, simplified educational information that anyone can understand. We hope the information available on Cannify will help you decide for yourself, even if you are not a scientist.


How the Cannify Quiz works

If you choose to participate in the Cannify Quiz, you will be asked a series of questions, after which you will receive a report containing information about:

  • cannabis treatments that, demonstrated by scientific studies, have helped people with similar conditions.
  • the list of matching products available in your state.
  • educational information about cannabis-related science and research findings.

We only rely on scientific proof and data analyses from human studies. There is no other educational cannabis tool that takes human data as seriously as Cannify. We will never compare your body to the body of a lab animal.


How the Quiz was built

To give you the best information possible, we use various sources:

Literature. Numerous studies about cannabis have been published, and we use this information as much as possible. You can find these publications, for example, in databases like Pubmed or Google Scholar. These publications have been peer reviewed, which means that they were checked by experts before they went to press.
Existing data. The Literature we cite uses Data as its underlying source. However, if you look at the data again, or if you pile up a lot of data from different studies, you can come to new findings and conclusions. This is what we do. We get data from various research organizations, including universities, and information gathered from Cannify users (see privacy policy) to perform our own research.
New dataExisting data is often obtained from clinical trials. These are studies that were done under controlled circumstances, for example with human research subjects taking cannabis in a hospital, surrounded by caregivers and researchers. These studies are very important and the scientists from Cannify actively participate in performing this type of trials. Next to that, we believe that it is also important to research cannabis effects in people when they are under less controlled circumstances, for example at home, alone, or under the care of loved ones who are not necessarily heath care professionals. Although gathering data in a less controlled way sometimes results in “dirty data”, Cannify tries to compensate for it by gathering much more data than controlled research might call for, and for that we need your help.


How we get paid

Cannify is free for you to use. The Cannify Quiz is independent from any company or another organization. We fund Cannify and support our continuing research by selling space on Cannify for product manufacturers to provide you additional information about their products, such as retail locations, product photos, or advertisements. Third party payments to Cannify will never influence the outcome of your results or the ranking or order of the products that are displayed next to your report. Cannify strives to be objective, and to keep business and science strictly separated. More information about the Quiz is available in the terms and conditions section of the website.


Our Secret Sauce

Our ‘secret sauce’ is our experience. We have researched the effects of cannabis on humans for over ten years, and we specialize in Clinical Pharmacology. We are a small international team with members in North America, Europe and Asia, with main operations taking place in Denver, Colorado, US.


Help us increase the knowledge on cannabis!

With Cannify, you can educate yourself about cannabis, and you can complete the Cannify Quiz to learn from various scientific findings how cannabis has helped other people with symptoms and characteristics similar to yours. The information we provide has been gathered or analyzed by highly qualified scientists. The Cannify Quiz is the first customized cannabis tool based on human data, and while we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, Cannify is not perfect. International and national regulations limit the amount and quality of cannabis research and data available for study. Therefore, a lot of knowledge is still missing. If you want to help improve the Cannify Quiz and increase knowledge about the effects, risks, and benefits of cannabis use on humans, you can do so by participating in research. We are always open to new ideas.  If you want to tell or ask us something, please feel free to contact us.



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