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Cannify  is a cannabis-focused research and education organization founded by one of the few cannabinoid clinical pharmacologists in the world, Dr. Linda Klumpers; it is aimed at bringing relevant cannabis science closer to cannabis users (and vice versa) by translating the complex science into an easy-to-understand language and making user data available for scientific research.


How it works: Cannify developed a science-based algorithm in the form of a questionnaire called the  Cannify Quiz that anonymously asks users about their symptom of interest, characteristics, and preferences. A personalized cannabinoid report is generated at the end of the Quiz according to the answers, and it contains information from scientific studies, along with a list of matching cannabis products available at the user’s location.


Other features: Apart from the Personal Quiz, Cannify also comprises  Education pages  that are expanded regularly, a series of educational cannabis quizzes  that is updated weekly, and customized cannabis courses.

The latest feature is a free account  that enables you to keep track of your science, your products, and your knowledge!




“Nonprofit and the world’s largest scientific society American Chemical Society (ACS) recognized leading women professionals in the cannabis industry.”

MG Magazine|Women Cannabis Professionals Recognized by American Chemical Society

“[Klumpers] is a director for Cannify, a Denver-based educational platform for cannabis users. The young scientist has studied how the human body reacts to certain combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids.”

Westword|American Chemical Society Offers Scholarship for Cannabis Chemists

“The 15-minute test recommends dosages and types of products based on answers backed by scientific research.”

The Riveter|Rocky Mountain High: The Women Leading Denver’s Legal Cannabis Industry

“[Klumpers] advises women seeking a career in the industry to ‘be critical and ask questions.’ The cannabis industry is novel and attracts people who are seeking ‘adventure and a better way to do things, but it also attracts people who want money, money. You see a lot of unprofessional behavior.’”

Chemical and Engineering News|Women shaping the cannabis industry

“Cannify has recently released a new quiz widget for cannabis-based websites to embed in their site.[…]This newly released widget allows users to learn which cannabis products are best suited for them.”

Maryjane’s Post|Cannify Releases Quiz Widget for Cannabis-Based Websites



“I am working on better understanding the predictability of cannabis efficacy by analyzing survey data with Cannify, as well as working on clinical studies that aim to give us more answers.”

American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine|Updates on Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Cannabis

“Klumpers’ research of THC levels in the blood through inhaled and ingested cannabis adds to the mystery of 11-hidroxy-THC.”

Kitchen Toke Magazine|Molecular Gastronomy



“Who knew there’s so much science in simple pot smoking?”

MyJane|Dr. Linda Klumpers on Cannabis Science

“Learn how cannabis and cannabinoids affect the body.”

Curious About Cannabis|Linda Klumpers, PhD, on Cannify, Cannabinoid Pharmacology, Cannabis for Pain

“Cannify is an interactive web-based tool that allows you to find the best cannabis product for your specific need.”

Cannainsider|Dutch Scientist Creates Interactive Tool To Help you Find your Ideal Cannabis Match

“Dr. Linda Klumpers studies cannabinoids, watches the changes in human brains using MRI machines and educates about the importance of the lipids from the old hemp plant.”

The Greener Grass|Dr. Linda Klumpers – Cannabinoid Chemist



MJBizCon, Science Symposium, USA 2019|Formulations & Finished Products

International Association for Cannabis as Medicine, Germany 2019|Analysis of Covariates Associated with Self-reported Cannabis Use Disorder Symptoms – Study Overview

Medical Cannabiz World, Malta 2019|How Safe is Medical Cannabis?

29th Annual Symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society, USA 2019|Analysis of Covariates Associated with Self-reported Cannabis Use Disorder Symptoms – Presenting Results

Patients out of Time, USA 2019|Whole Plant Medicine and Testing and Quality panels

Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis for Business, the Netherlands 2019|Patients and Physicians in North America

Emerald Conference, USA 2019|Pharmacological Formulation Strategies for Effective Cannabis-based Products


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