What is the Cannify Quiz?

The Cannify Quiz is intended to educate you about cannabis based on information you provide about your symptoms and characteristics. It works with a three-step process:

  1. Fill in the Cannify Quiz
  2. Get your results in a personalized report. Your report will be based on the answers you provide in the Quiz and will contain information about cannabis treatments that scientific studies have demonstrated to have helped people reporting similar symptoms and conditions
  3. Compare your report with and get information about cannabis products offered in your state, if any.

We only rely on scientific proof and data analyses from human studies. There is no other educational cannabis tool that takes human data as serious as we do. We will never compare your body to the body of a lab animal.


What can I expect from the Quiz?


We will ask you 20 to 25 questions (the number of questions can vary depending on your answers). The questions ask you about your demographics and health background, your symptoms, your personality traits and your past and potential cannabis experience.


What does the report look like?


Your report is automatically based on the answers you gave in the Quiz and contains information about the associated chemistry and active ingredients in cannabis (product), dosages suggested by the studies, the potential effect and strength and the administration forms available. The information in your report is derived from various scientific sources.


How independent is the Quiz?


The Cannify Quiz is independent from any company or other organization. Cannify is free for you to use. We fund Cannify and support our continuing research by selling space on Cannify for product manufacturers to provide you additional information about their products, such as retail locations, product photos, or advertisements. Third party payments to Cannify will never influence the outcome of your results or the ranking or order of the products suggested as a result of your report. Cannify strives to be objective, and to keep business and science strictly separated.  More information about the Quiz is available in the terms and conditions section of this website.


What happens with my data?


Cannify treats different types of data differently. The following overview summarizes the types of data you can provide and what Cannify does with that data. For a complete overview of what happens with your data, please see the Cannify privacy policy.


  1. Data You Provide in Response to Cannify Questionnaires. The following information is relevant for all Cannify questionnaires, including the main questionnaire (the Cannify Quiz), the feedback questionnaire and research questionnaires for the Participate in Research section. Information you provide in response to Cannify questionnaires is saved in a secure database.  Cannify does not collect or save personal information such as your name or email address in response to questionnaires.  Data you provide in response to Cannify questionnaires is used to create your report, and for research.  Except for data voluntarily provided in the Participate in Research section, Cannify uses your data only to perform its own in-house research and occasionally with fellow researchers needing access to such unidentified information.  Such Data is never shared with health care providers.  Data collected in the Participate in Research section is sometimes shared with fellow researchers and in collaboration with private cannabis related product manufactures. Cannify shares data as described herein only after screening the receiving researchers for quality and integrity. Any third parties receiving Cannify data researchers may share such data with anyone else except to the extent such data is analyzed to create and in this fashion becomes part of published research findings.
  2. My Account. If you decide to sign up for an account on our website, you have the option to do so without giving personal information such as your name or email address. If you do give your name and email address, they will be linked to data and used for research and communication purposes, to better serve you and to improve the Cannify Quiz. Personal information, however, will not be shared with anyone outside of Cannify.
  3. Newsletter and Notifications. Even without a Cannify account, you may sign up for the newsletter or to receive notifications, like, for example, to invite you to participate in new research. The information you provide to us when you sign up for these services will be used for research and communication purposes, to better serve you and to improve the Cannify Quiz. Your information, will not be shared with anyone outside of Cannify.


We always try to protect your data as best as possible, however, we are limited by overruling laws and regulations that might ask us for data in specific cases.