Scientific Intern

Vision and Mission

Cannify develops pharmacological tools and educational material to educate the community, the industry, and regulators about the science of cannabis products, and to enhance the knowledge of the scientific community. Our goals for 2019 are to educate thousands of people every month and to make at least two contributions to advance the scientific community.


We are an international team with a mission to make the best educational cannabis tool, and to bring the cannabis industry to a place where there is clarity about safety and effectiveness of products that are of excellent and reliable quality. We have been working on our beta version for two years. Working for a start-up isn’t for everyone, and with an attitude of flexibility, motivation, and perseverance, we will succeed.


Objectives of the internship

  1. To understand the (neuropsycho)pharmacology of the cannabinoid system
  2. To learn how to apply pharmacodynamics (PD) in practical advice
  3. To learn how to apply the relationship between pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics in practical advice
  4. To get experience with literature research and to translate findings to practical advice or other (applicable) ideas
  5. To obtain data by yourself via the academic network, to get experience with basic data analysis and to translate the results to practical advice

Skills you will obtain: pharmacology, PK, PD, literature research, data analysis, practical application, networking, presenting your results within the team, etc.

The scientific intern will take responsibility to

  • Improve (e.g. updating) the existing components of the Pharmacological Tool
  • Designing components of the Pharmacological Tool that have been proposed by supervisor
  • Propose and design new components for the Pharmacological Tool


This is done by taking a leading role in the following tasks:

  • Reviewing the existing literature
  • Obtaining and analyzing data (for example from researchers that published studies paid by NIDA grants)
  • If the length of the internship allows:
    • Setting up experiments to gather data; and/or
    • Executing the experiments to gather data; and/or
    • Analysing and reporting experimental data
  • Interpret and translate the data and results from the above options to a workable Pharmacological Tool component


Practical matters and requirements

Intern can work from home and will have regular calls with supervisor (depending on the number of hours the intern spends per week; full-time interns will have daily calls). If distance allows, regular in-person meetings will take place (full-time interns will meet at least once a week) on a location TBD.
Intern will directly work with supervisor and will be exposed to supervisor’s scientific network as much as effectively possible. The presentation of interns’ final work will be done for the team (including co-workers of supervisor).
Qualifications that are sought for this internship are: integrity, motivation, analytical skills, taking initiative, communicative skills (oral and written), open and direct communication, sound knowledge of basic pharmacology, knowledge of basic statistics, able to translate science to practical application.

If you apply:

  • Send your motivation why you want to work with us
  • Give proof or examples of why you think you match with the above
  • Ask anything you want to know
  • Reach us at: