Technical Website Assistant | Part-time | 24h/wk | Remote

Vision and Mission

Cannify develops pharmacological tools and educational material to educate the community, the industry, and regulators about the science of cannabis products, and to enhance the knowledge of the scientific community. Our goals for 2019 are to educate thousands of people every month and to make at least two contributions to advance the scientific community.


We are an international team with a mission to make the best educational cannabis tool, and to bring the cannabis industry to a place where there is clarity about safety and effectiveness of products that are of excellent and reliable quality. We have been working on our beta version for two years. Working for a start-up isn’t for everyone, but with an attitude of flexibility, motivation, and perseverance, we will succeed.


The position is a cross-road between applying logic, website maintenance, education, and pharmacology.


What the job looks like

  • Technical work:
    • Populating our graphical user interface with scientific information
    • Translating scientific computations to JavaScript, using our customized features
    • Completing our documentation
    • Maintaining the website content
    • Testing – testing – testing of our questionnaires, educational platform, and other website features
    • Online searches for (updated) information
  • Internal communication:
    • Communication with the technical team about issues and improvements
    • Communication with the pharmacology team in case of issues or things that are unclear
    • Assisting company managers with other tasks (e.g. preparing marketing material, searching for information)
    • Actively coming up with suggestions for improvement
  • External communication:
    • Answering client emails
    • Composing our newsletter
  • You will work with an ambitious, enthusiastic team that wants to change the world, starting small, thinking big


What is required from you

  • Great talent for logical reasoning (e.g. you are good at algebra)
  • Detail-oriented, very precise, and orderly
  • Proven affiliation with web development including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, and basic programming skills
  • Familiar with comparison and logical operators
  • Very good at English (written & spoken)
  • Proven excellent writing skills
  • Interested in pharmacology en medicine
  • Able to work independently
  • High moral values and integrity standards
  • Proactive attitude
  • Openness, and willingness to upflow issues


If you apply:

  • Send your motivation why you want to work with us
  • Give proof or examples of why you think you match with the above
  • Ask anything you want to know
  • Reach us at:

If you want to work with people who are very ambitious and have high quality standards, this is the right place for you